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  Moreover, Huang Pubing also has a very unreliable idea, that is, if Ye Chong is still on their side at the moment, then I'm afraid it will be easy for them to kill the ship of Biyan Family at the moment.Tang Wulin's bluegrass winds up conveniently, and Ye Xinglan points to his opponent's chest. Xie Xie has quietly reached behind her, and the light dragon Bi goes up to her neck.Shi Tian ashamed and resentful to the extreme at the moment, if only lost once, but under the hand of Ye Chong, he has already ended up like this twice, which can be said to be an instant disadvantage, and he can't resist at all."Seven swords, in a sense, are seven imperial soldiers. This kind of thing is really going against the sky!"

  Is anxious, the body seems to be faint movement, the next moment, the black book suddenly appeared in front of Yang Kai, snapped to the ground.gz天天干小妹ba"I'll give it!" The way of the boy's grief and indignation.The next day, Yang Kai was awakened by a knock at the door.


Originally, Long Chen was not so bad. If he was prepared, he would not be so easily defeated with more than Tang Wulin's cultivation. But Wu Soul's suppression of this kind of thing happened to his top Wu Soul Guangming Shenglong, which was really unexpected and caught off guard. Coupled with Tang Wulin's strong power suppression and qi and blood suppression, it was able to succeed in one blow.Several supreme eyes became indifferent at the same time. They did not continue to make moves with doubts, but looked at them carefully, because something seemed wrong in front of them.

A few people are very surprised, one by one the color of a face of surprise, unexpected leaf weight incredibly strong to the point where it is hard to imagine."Ha ha, if this matter is false, then naturally there is nothing, but if this matter is true, I want to cooperate with Ye Gongzi in Zi Shan." The owner of Zishan Mountain smiled.However, it is a road to fight the heavens alone, and it is also a road to carry a group of followers to intimidate the heavens. Ye zhong has no choice on his own road, and naturally he will not mention this topic at the moment.

The light dragon blade was blocked by Gu Tianming's eagle wing. Xie Xie came to him the next moment, and a golden light suddenly emerged from his armpit. Gu Tianming only felt that his body was tight and tied up. Xie Xie's light dragon Bi drew backhand and fended off his eagle wing attack. With the help of this blow, he jumped into the air and stood upside down. The light dragon Bi outlined a series of light and shadow, and his body flashed in the void.Leaf heavy look a fiercely, at this moment, he felt a terrible breath from this cloud tiger girl, this kind of breath is ancient and sacred, scary enough.

"Don't know about that place. Our next goal is to find a way to run." Tiandaoshu is obviously very afraid of that place. When it was mentioned, it subconsciously shivered, maybe it didn't even notice it.The skin on his hand is slightly dark red, and his palm is big, like a cattail leaf fan.